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I've tried to make a difference in the way people learned to fly the Searey. When I first started there wasn't a reliable instruction from someone who actually had a commitment to teaching Searey specific aircraft systems, processes or procedures. You know in your head you need training but you just don't know how to get it. When there's no one to show you what to do - you teach yourself. And that is a huge mistake!

All my years of being a professional pilot and flight instructor didn't prepare me for the differences inherent in this design. It just wasn't something you knew until you found out during your flights. Well, I was determined to get to the bottom of that funny feeling I always had - and I did!

I then spent hours and days working through the basics, studying each phase of flight on and off the water, fast, slow, cross-wind, down-wind, glassy water, chopped and capping, you name it I was going to figure out how the system really operated. Out of those insights was borne our Training Program. Usually 3 solid, whole, intensive days of systems, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, resource management, illusions, processes and procedure to produce the knowledge my students needed to leave on their own and never question whether they were doing something correctly or not. They would truly understand the box within which if they operated this aircraft then safety would be at its highest and so would the FUN!

SeareyTraining.com is your source for what is my one-on-one training that I delivered to hundreds of students during hundreds of hours of training and flying in every version of Searey. You will not find a more experienced foundation from which to understand exactly what you need to know.

My name is John McLeroy and I'm the President and CEO of Captainspeak, LLC near Orlando, FL. I am also a professional pilot and flight instructor specializing in the Searey platform having flown for more than 15,000+ hrs and 40+ years. I have been active in the Searey community for more than 20 years, have owned and operated several Seareys starting with the very first kits ever built. Kerry Richter, his entire family, Progressive Aerodyne and their entire leadership team are all personal friends and colleagues. We have worked together for the common good of delivering a fantastic product to you for your enjoyment to share with your friends and family. I developed this training for the express purpose of giving you the very best information to keep you safe and having fun.


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