The Right Stuff v2.0 will change the way you fly for the better.

You will make much safer decisions.

Eliminate doubt and confusion and begin to fly like a pro!


Learn the [SRT] Framework

It's about Where you look, When you look at it and What it tells you. When you become clear about proper habit patterns, nominal profiles and the optimal performance envelope you become a much better pilot

Learn What To Do

There are specific things to know and think about, and there are definite ways to look at the mechanics and smooth application of how you are flying.

Learn What Not To Do

There is a definite box that defines the edges of what is possible. Knowing the boundary, how to stay inside it and what happens when you fly around the edges will give you much greater confidence and skill.

Make It Way More Fun!

When you eliminate the doubt and confusion then the most wonderful thing happens: YOU HAVE SO MUCH MORE FUN than you ever thought possible. The stories you will share and the experience will be life changing.

Some of this is online

You're going to spend a significant amount of time reading and listening but it will be presented in a way that intrigues and keeps you informed

Some of this is in the aircraft

When it comes time to fly you will have a plan of what you should do and a definite understanding of what you should not

Take The Next Step

Let us share what we learned with nearly 20 years of flying these amazing aircraft all over the world. Take the next step, see if this is what you're looking for and let us share our knowledge with you


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